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The right to license WWE passed into the hands of 2K Games in 2013 and then went to the first pieces created under the wing of a new publisher. WWE 2K17 3DM for PC Windows is the fourth full-fledged part of the series from 2K who work on the production was, of course, the Studio Yuke’s, from years for games wrestlingowymi. Developer to support team Visual Concepts.

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WWE 2K17 3DM for PC Windows is a modification of the mechanisms used in WWE 2K16 . The developers have tried, so try as best as possible to imitate the fight of these wrestlers in the national Association, WWE and NXT, have her rozwojówki. From the available players are positioned in such a way as real stars and beginners, but it is good that prospective athletes. There can also have a few legends that once święciły triumphs. In this regard, we can deal with such athletes as: Chris Jericho, Booker T, Fernando, Andre the Giant, the rock, Goldberg, John Cena, or several ladies, including Sasha banks, Paige and the Bella sisters.
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Developers care about more realistic combat system, allowing not only conventional attacks, but also the refutation of the enemy, throwing him on the Mat or using various items. In WWE 2K17 Telecharger Complet, we had thousands of new animations and movements, making it the most advanced game in the history of the cycle. I wonder what battles are conducted not only in the ring, because sometimes we have to confront also outside the tatami, next to the audience or behind the scenes .
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WWE 2K17 Download allows you to play in different modes single and multiplayer. One of the most interesting is already known to fans of the series MyCareer, in which we hold his ward to the heights of fame and fortune. However, the developers have introduced some news. In this part we have some freedom of choice behavior during the interview . Depending on what we say and do during the conversation with the journalist, we can, for example, to cause a fight backstage, and even went to court. Interestingly, by the way, also the WWE Universe that mimic TV. Before the meeting we watch the various skits, participate in the show when entering the ring, and sometimes even attack the enemy even before the battle started.
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the name of the version on a Windows PC, looks very good and uses the same technology that last year’s game. The collision of players look realistic, the character models are well done and well animated, and the overall positive picture is completed by the energetic soundtrack. It was written by the rapper and producer Diddy Potter, also known under the pseudonym Puff Daddy.

People who ordered WWE 2K17 Download to the release, received an additional playable character, the legendary racer bill Goldberg . It is available in two versions – since the Federation fights in WWE and WCW. In addition, the pre-order contained arena WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc.

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