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WRC 7 Telecharger Complet is designed for the PC platform Windows racing game from the Studio Kylotonn Racing Games. This developer has created two previous games in the series – WRC 5 WRC 6 . In addition, the account also has a number of other titles, including those released in 2017 FlatOut 4: Total Insanity . The project is licensed Rally World Championship (FIA World Rally Championship), and his publisher is the company Bigben Interactive.

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as with the previous hit, the WRC series 7 fits in the direction of rally simulators, although less familiar in this kind of performances players can find here something for themselves. Model driving difficult. With a large capacity of the machines are quite difficult to master, and things do not the same route, full of sharp turns, climbs, pits do, of course, elements of the environment in which we sit after too nieostrożnej driving. In addition, developers with a well-known system of physics, which is dictated by the improvement this year in cars. Also introduced several small but important changes, such as lengthening of the braking distance , as in the previous version it was too short.
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Due to the license of the Rally World Championship, we take part in a thirteen race that allows for the same number of seats as well as sixty-three special districts . Most of them in these reports of real events so sometimes we have to demonstrate, for example measured while twenty-five kilometers of passage that makes us seventeen minutes accurate driving.
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the Main mode of the game WRC 7 Torrent platform PC Windows, of course, a campaign in which we are fighting for first place in the Rally World Championship. In addition, we can also participate in online battles, weekly challenges or competition e-sport. An additional advantage is the split screen mode, that is, the game on a split screen .
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WRC 7 Telecharger Complet is a similar level of graphics as the previous part of the series. Due to the license of the FIA, we can look not only real, sincerely devoted to cars and real drivers, as well as advertising sponsors who participate in the meetings in reality. Some of the routes offer a variety of environments. Sometimes we go through the mud in a wooded area, next time we race on asphalt; to this are added various weather conditions – drove in the rain during a rainstorm or snowstorm.

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