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World of Tanks Mega distributed on the model free-to-play shooter MMO in which players fight each other and sit in the cockpits of the titular tanks . For the appearance of the game meets the Chicago branch of the College previously known for such games like Order of War or a series of Massive Assault . The first version of the game appeared in the spring 2011 on the PC, however, against the huge success was also prepared editions of the console available on the platforms of the seventh and eighth generation. At a later time it was also somewhat simplified mobile game World of Tanks Mega Blitz, as well as combining elements of strategy and card game World of Tanks Mega Generals .

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the Essence of the game in World of Tanks 3DM on the PC platform Windows represent a collision between players, requiring a short minikampanii and tournaments, as well as the individual battles have turned into one of the many game modes. Action game, shown from the point of view trzecioosobowej, and the Foundation here is modeling, complemented with elements of action, strategy and RPG. Production Studio offers players the opportunity pokierowania one of more than 300 tanks and armored vehicles (in the original version approx. 150), originating from different historical eras – from the time of the first world war to the period of the so-called “cold war”. Individual machines may come from different countries (USA, USSR, Germany, France, UK, Japan and China) and was divided into five main classes: light tanks, medium, heavy, tank destroyers and self-propelled runs. Each of them was assigned, moreover, to one of ten levels (eng. tier) that determine the degree of gravity of the vehicle.
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getting to the gameplay, we get only the first level, and access later, lying in separate for each nation in the tech tree, we get together with the progress of the game and gaining experience. In addition, zarabiane, fun loans we can buy a number of improvements, including for example engine, turret, chassis, gun and radio system. Interestingly, they all have their historic justification, and existed as prototypes, or were introduced in reality . To purchase we can also a lot of useful gadgets, such as camouflage, modern guidance systems, repair kits if first aid kits, with which we can treat injured crew members. It is also worth noting that along with the achievements of the gaming experience also becomes the crew of our tank, which is reflected in its performance on the battlefield.
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Production studios offers an extremely wide range of game modes, along with the regular updates to the game to join them and new. Among the principal options are fun to note, first of all, the random battle, the battle in the team war clan, company, assault or fortress mode. In separate fights take wash two 15-local team, and they can contain 2 or 3-person platoons . As racial befits a MMO game, World of Tanks Download is not without the ability to create or join a clan (max. 100 players) and międzyklanowej dispute, resulting zone on the world map.
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World of Tanks Telecharger Complet for PC, Windows uses the features of the engine BigWorld Technology, modified for the needs of production Studio Because of the quality of the cover graphics and gameplay based on the mechanics of the simulation, during the game we can feel like a real tank commander . On special attention deserves also applied advanced damage model. It depends on many factors, such as the angle of impact of the projectile, armor thickness, etc., and the calculation of penetration, damage to individual modules and damage to the weaknesses of the crew can occur when using percentage values.

World of Tanks 3DM has been awarded a number of industry specific awards, in particular for the most innovative products of the E3 in 2010, and the award of the Golden Joystick Award for best MMO game 2012. In addition, the game was listed in the Guinness Book of world Records for the highest number of players registered at the same time on a single server MMO games. 21 Jan 2013 on one of the Russian servers came in at 190 541 players.

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