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The Witcher Torrent is a production type role-playing game created by Polish Studio CD projekt RED. The title was based on the famous book fantasy Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski, ” and ” the story of Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster Slayer. Knowledge of the prototype, however, you’ll need to enjoy the fun. The game’s plot focuses on events that occur after the completion of the novel. In addition, the main character, sadly, suffers from amnesia, most importantly, the establishment in the books are constantly translated.

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the game begins 5 years after the finale of the last book, consisting of the Saga “the Witcher” ( the lady of the Lake ). Geralt returns to Kaer Morhen – Wiedźmińskiego Siedliszcza – soon to face a new threat. To repel an attack by hired thugs, wiedźmini, including the main character, they leave in the Wake of their customer.
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the Player assumes the role of the famous Geralt of Rivia, also known as White Wolf. In his youth he was subjected to a series of mutations, making nadludzko quick and attentive. He is an experienced warrior, so early in the game, he is able to cope even with multiple enemies at the same time. Over time, however, Geralt meets on his journey increasingly difficult – and here comes the character development system. The player gains experience, the traditional way – by killing opponents and completing quests. When you achieve the next level, Geralt gets talents that can be spent on new skills or to develop its own characteristics. An important element of the gameplay, especially on higher difficulty levels, is alchemy. From ingredients derived from plants and the bodies of the monsters you can prepare potions that give temporary bonuses (for example, the speed bonus of restoring health, reflexes, better eyesight in the dark).
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As befits a Witcher, the White Wolf staff speaks alternately two swords – silver for monsters and steel for humans. The struggle is based on proper selection of blade and style. For example, spraying with hooks the enemy is to use the fast style, and when to attack several enemies out of a group. It is also important skillful blows, because each click starts a new sequence. The idea is to perform as the longest series of strikes, interrupting her unnecessary clicking.
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the Player explores the open world is divided into regions. All of them (except the prologue) is in the district Wyzimy, the capital of the state of Temeria. In addition to the hours of the main story, the developers have prepared a wide variety of tasks. The strength of the story are moral dilemmas. Just like in Sapkowski’s books, the game often clashing with each other equivalent rights, and Geralt must choose between lesser and greater evil. Each such decision has a real, unpredictable consequences of role-playing, which sometimes return even after a few hours.

the Witcher was based on a heavily modified graphics engine Aurora (known from such games as Neverwinter Nights or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ), created by the Studio BioWare. The developers at CD projekt RED took care of the cycle of day and night, variable weather and dynamic shadows. Written by Andrew Hull (previously worked in particular on sountrackiem to Painkillera and a series of bitter ) the music is at a very high level and helps to create an expressive atmosphere of dark fantasy.

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