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The Witcher 3: wild Hunt ( The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Crack ) PC-is the third edition of the popular series of games in the genre of action-RPG based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski. Title released Studio CD projekt RED, the team is also responsible for the two previous parts of the Witcher in 2007 and the Witcher 2: Killer of Kings 2011.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Download Game + Crack

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Production in the PC version-you no different content from the console versions, but users “blaszaków” they got some unavailable on other platforms and hardware elements. First of all, they can enjoy the best possible quality lamps graphics and animation at 60 frames per second . Of course, to enjoy all these benefits, you need a correspondingly powerful computer.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt download
the Second element that we find on the consoles there is a change . Studio CD projekt RED gave in August, 2015 interested parties formal tools moderskie, allowing, in particular, any change of objects, statistics and not only. This has led, in particular, with these mods .
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt crack
In the game the Witcher 3: wild Hunt on Windows PC listen to again, as in the well-known hits from the previous Witcher . The main axis role-playing game revolves around several separate threads. Among them there was a quest for lost love Geralt and the invasion of Nilfgaardu the Kingdom of the North. Will also try to stop the eponymous Wild gon, prześladujący witch, like in the novels as being present in the first and in small extent in the second part of the series. All of these main tasks offer film-quality story unfolding, with rozgałęzionymi paths of events, an impressive scenkami przerywnikowymi and carefully wyreżyserowanymi sequences.
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interestingly, we can abandon the threads you need, however, to reckon with the consequences of this fact in diverse ways. Besides the main story there are many side missions, which in total will be sufficient more than a hundred hours of play . The authors have cared for a wide variety of problems. During the adventure we will eksplorowali, in particular, caves, ancient ruins and bustling village. It’s time to hunt monsters for profit and special prizes. Will appear as assignments, based on research. The white Wolf can also give away game in card Gwinta, which is a separate game in the game.

in accordance with the tradition of the series, the third Witcher on PC Windows gives you more freedom of character development, and the plot is heavily branched, so as to allow players to do a variety of selections. At the same time the virtual world is largely dynamic. For example, some of our promotions will make refused the residents of the settlement zaludni again after the eradication of bandits or monsters. The game has a world with open structure, which czterdziestokrotnie more extensive than in the Witcher 2 . The new engine (REDengine 3) has been designed to all the time was loading data in the background, which is almost possible to avoid loading screens, we’ll see them during a trip to the big hub or small hub (Kaer Morhen, the Islands of Skellige, the White Garden and the castle in Wyzimie). The movement facilitates the ability to ride a horse, and fast travel. With a good horse to get from one end of the map to another takes about 15 minutes.

Significant changes have occurred in the combat system. Completely rebuilt AI opponents . Geralt has received 96 animation used in the clashes, while in the second part he is only 20. Players can finally stop the attack in its time, and also block punches and perform evasive maneuvers, even when they run out , although they were not as effective. New camera system takes care of providing a clear perspective during the clashes. Not enough fights with the bosses (including the giant ice), but they do not at this time oskryptowane. Much rebuilt and the system of symbols. Each of the five has a primary and alternative ways of action . For example, using the Igni sign of the second type from the hands of Geralt Butch continuous fire, and in the case of sign Ydren put on the ground trap is not only slows down everyone in her enemies, but also deals damage.

during the clashes we use largely the environment, for example, we telekinetycznie to hit the wasps nest that attack enemies. And if we turn in our direction we burn them with Igni sign. To expand the knowledge about the opponents, allows you to know their weaknesses. Some of defeated monsters leave behind, is absolutely impossible otherwise, components used for alchemical recipes and create new items. Also allow Geraltowi to develop their own trees mutations, providing access to new energy. Players can also develop skills szermiercze and alchemy.

the Witcher 3: wild Hunt on Windows PC, was released in full Polish language version . Their votes to the heroes of the Polish such actors and Actresses as Hleb Moscow (Geralt), Beata Jewiarz (Jennifer), Anna May (Ciri), Agnieszka Kunikowska (Triss) or Jacek kopcinski (Buttercup).

Production Studio CD projekt RED, was one of the best games the best games of 2015 . The name has collected very good reviews in the media, thereby taking the best in convolution the issue rating on the website Metacritic. The Witcher 3: wild Hunt “has received a number of awards and honors, including the title “game of the year” at the gala concerts of The Game Awards 2015 and the Golden Joystick Awards 2015. Also in Poland the project has received many awards – from the title of “masters of Culture” awarded by the weekly “Politics and Society of Authors ZAiKS, two awards., the most important award in the poll “game of the year” 2015 by the readers

paired with numerous awards, she is also a great selling. During the first six week the presence of games on the market, it sold over 6 million copies . And by the end of 2015 were sold in Poland 375 thousand pieces (along with the addition of heart of Stone ).

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