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The Wild Eight Mega this implemented in the future izometrycznej the game on survival , making special emphasis on kooperacyjną gameplay with up to eight players. Released on the PC platform of Windows, the title of the debut production of the Russian studies 8 Points.

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The Wild Eight Download Game + Crack

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The Wild Eight Download Crack Only

The Wild Eight Crack tells the story of eight unrelated to each other people lives are one of the total variations. They constitute a group of survivors of a mysterious plane crash that takes place in skutych snow and ice forests of Alaska . As you might guess, players will take on the role of one of szcześliwców, and their task is to combine efforts with other participants fun, to survive and find his way home.
The Wild Eight download
gameplay Mechanics in the game the Wild Eight draws from the achievements of the hugely popular genre sandboksowych simulation of survival, in which players controlled characters fall into an unfriendly environment he, and their main task is to survive. In the game Studio for 8 Points is not enough, so items such as research and opening new mysteries of the ambient air, an extensive crafting system and character development and the struggle against mutant beasts and other dangers at the players in the North American tundra. With the help found in a fun and raw, we also need to build a shelter for the whole group and create a lot of useful tools that facilitate survival in the environment where it is not easy for food, and at night the temperature falls to critical human body level.
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great innovation that brings The Wild Eight 3DM , is the emphasis on interaction in the group. Every game can participate up to eight people, each of which, depending on your preference, control the player may differ and is a completely different type of personality and morality. During the game we never know that one of our comrades in a crisis situation will not be devoid of sense samolubem who is not going to risk my neck for the group and will gladly dedicate another player for their own benefit.
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Issued on the PC platform of Windows to The Wild Eight Torrent has a rather distinctive, fun and highly przerysowaną body visually . Despite the fact the original graphics style, the developers managed, however, extremely suggestive way to recover the current skutych frost and inaccessible to the average person areas of Alaska. It is difficult, however, to be surprised, given the fact that the members of the Studio come from the Eastern part of Siberia, is one of the coldest and most bizarre places in the world where, as they themselves say “the bear eats Breakfast, lunch creates video games, while at lunch, fueling the fire because electricity in this part of the world is too expensive”.

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