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The Coma: Recut Download is a fresh version of heat is adopted adventure games, decorated in the Convention of survival horror , which debuted on personal computers in 2015. In contrast to the prior art described products, which is the creation of an independent team Devespresso Games appeared on the PC and on consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Coma: Recut Download

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The Coma: Recut Download Game + Crack

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The Coma: Recut Download Crack Only

The Coma: Recut 3DM takes us to South Korea, namely, the school Sehwa. The main character, Youngho – we learn in the moment when after a night studying fell asleep during the exam CSAT (Korean BA). After waking up, the protagonist discovers that he was alone in the classroom, and outside the window it was night. To the downside quickly comes to light that the school was invaded by monsters, and as if that wasn’t enough, she walks the corridors of an insane killer. The hero must therefore take an unequal battle for survival and try to leave the walls of the institution, it will suffer something bad.
The Coma: Recut download
Issued on the PC platform for Windows The Coma: Recut Mega draws handfuls of the achievements of other production of this type. The main feature of the gameplay is of study high school which consists of three extensive buildings; roi in them, not only from the aforementioned creatures from hell, but from traps and other hazards. During the game, our ward collects useful tools that is stored in a not too large backpack (most important, the flashlight jelly gloom), as well as maps, notes, and tips to help you learn the history teachers and other students. From time to time comes to collaborate with other inmates in this deadly trap, at least when solving more or less complicated puzzles.
The Coma: Recut crack
considering the fact that Youngho he is helpless to escape from the oppression must avoid direct confrontations with opponents (which is achieved, among other things, listening carefully to the approaching steps) and stay in the shelter (czając in the dark or using a large cabinets as shelters), and, if necessary, przekradać behind them or salwować escape. Getting into the trap opponents, in the best case, due to the loss of a few points of life that can be restored using special items to treat wounds.
The Coma: Recut torrent
compared with the prototype of The Coma: Recut Mega boasts, above all, improved graphic design – a more detailed teksturom accompany new animation. An important role in the depressed building climate of playing the soundtrack.

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