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StarCraft: Remastered Torrent is released on PC Windows, a refreshed edition of the classic real-time strategy since 1998. Production developed by Blizzard Entertainment, that is the same team that produced the prototype.

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StarCraft: Remastered Download Game + Crack

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the game is set in the distant future, in distant regions of the milky Way known as the Koprulu Sector. In this city, representing humanity, the Terran Empire for the first time faces an alien race in the form of technologically advanced Protoss and the Zerg animals. Between these factions erupted a great war that will forever change the balance of power in the galaxy.
StarCraft: Remastered download
Creating StarCraft: Remastered Mega, the authors decided not to change anything in the mechanisms of the game. We get so traditional RTS-a , in which during the game we collect raw materials, our bases, we produce a unit, and, finally, we lead them to attack the enemy command center.
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a choice of three factions, and each of them is very different from the rest, showing the unique advantages and disadvantages. Protoss have the most advanced technology and psionic abilities, and even one unit can do. Their weakness, however, a small number of the army, as well as the high cost of training troops and landscaping. Their opposite is the race-Zerg. She puts on hordes of weak units, which are inexpensive, and possibly growing at a rapid pace. At the same time, however, the buildings can be placed only on przeobrażonym site that takes a little time. In turn, the Terrans are very universal, and, moreover, incredibly mobile thanks to the possibility of moving the buildings, but slowly conduct research, and their structure larger, which complicates the construction of bases.
StarCraft: Remastered torrent
All we can play six campaigns (two for each of the factions) or in multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete with other players.

Released on Windows PC StarCraft: Remastered Torrent improves binding of audiovisual technology. Graphics on two-dimensional, but all of its elements have been updated and provide a high level of detail than in the prototype since 1998. This happened, support for high-resolution szerokooekranowych, up to 4K. In addition, the campaign added new illustrations to help the story. Superior was also solid sound, including the dialogue of the characters. Was also added eight new languages, including not enough Poland.

Significant changes have occurred in network settings and in social networks. The game received full support for modern features like advanced Dating, saving game state in the cloud, easy access to fan sites cards repetition system or quickly change keyboard settings.

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