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SpellForce 3 Telecharger Complet is the third game in the series of games is a fun way of connecting the elements of a real-time strategy computer RPG. The production is entrusted to the management depending on the company Nordic Games German Studio Grimlore Games, which includes experienced developers of RTS of s (in particular, Peter Ohlmann, one of the creators of The Settlers II ) and the developers of the first two parts of the cycle.

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Plot SpellForce 3 3DM comes with five hundred years to your appearance the first part of the series, before a fantastic kontynen t Eo was porozrywany small , p REP portals of the island . So the player has the opportunity to follow the events that led to the tragic in its consequences konwokacji ritual in which an important role was played by the Circle Association thirteen most powerful mages of all races. The main threat in this part of the series is a mysterious faction of the Arcane.
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in accordance with the tradition of the series, SpellForce 3 Mega on PC Windows cleverly combines the game mechanics of RTS and RPG . The player creates and develops its own form and his team can connect friends as you progress through the history of the companions. The character development system is even more open than in previous installments, including at the expense of departure from the classical division into classes. Instead, the developers have prepared a number of abilities and specializations that one can pick according to your taste. During a visit to the dungeons and dungeons we can control a maximum of sześcioosobową group of heroes. At such moments, the game resembles plants ” hack-and-slash (skills were assigned keyboard shortcuts), focusing on skirmishes with small squads of the enemy, and also to solve puzzles and bypass traps.
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in turn, on the surface, the hero can build a camp and recruit an army that supports him in the fight. This time the scale of clashes even more (under your command, we can have up to 300 units), therefore, the soldiers did not resemble armed gangs, but the regular army, in which important role is played by entities. In the course of the battle is also influenced by factors such as terrain, visibility, or intelligence.
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Setting actions to the events from the unit resulted in a different structure of the site – instead of the highlighted areas connected by portals we have here is one big continent . In turn, the cards are divided into segments, which gradually we take control, in this case in order to draw resources from this area, it must be close to our territory. This is a simplification compared to the previous views showing the similarity with the mechanics of management sectors from the Company of Heros .

the single-player Campaign consists of a series of story tasks. In addition to the missions associated with the main stream, the developers have prepared a lot of side quests.

SpellForce 3 Crack on PC Windows also contains a variety of multiplayer game modes. In addition to clashes between the army players can take their characters on a joint RAID in the basement or take part in the competition in the production of the MOBA type.

SpellForce 3 Crack on PC Windows is based on a proprietary graphics engine capable of generating detailed world inhabited by the whole virtual civilization. Although in the game there are locations known from previous series of hits, in most parts of the continent Eo developed from scratch. Special attention is paid large, crowded city, where the characters can receive dozens of orders.

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