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Sparc Mega released on the PC platform Windows sports arcade designed exclusively for virtual reality devices. The game was developed by Icelandic Studio CCP Games, that is, the authors of the popular MMO EVE Online .

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Production allows you to take part in the drawing of a futuristic sport, a bit like the classic game of dodgeball. The whole game revolves around the rivalry one-on-one, held on the grounds of having long corridors. Players take static positions on opposite sides of the card and with the help of motion controllers trying to throw the ball to the opponent.
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Issued on the PC platform for Windows, Sparc Mega was designed to make the game be able to recognize all the player movement from the waist up. There is no possibility to move, not prevent, therefore, in Dodge’s own body. Of course, in this case, it would be best to aim for the legs, so that the virtual silhouettes of players, they were deprived of them. A key role is also played by the ricochets. Realistic physics engine allows for you to hit the ball off the walls, floor and ceiling, in order to lose the enemy and increase the chances of getting.
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the Game is focused on tournaments multiplayer offers several game modes and multiple social features such as a virtual audience. However, there was no lack of options for one player who can prove himself in the solo competition or to hone your skills in training mode.
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Sparc Mega was created based on the Unreal Engine 4 technology. The game mechanics are designed so that the production requires devices for virtual reality. Without it, the game impossible.

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