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SEVEN: The Days Long Gone 3DM on the Windows PC, the game is Polish Studio Fool’s Theory. This title is the first project of this developer, however, this does not mean that individual employees do not have any experience – just the opposite: the company has in its ranks people who worked before the next collection as ” the Witcher 2: assassins of Kings ( The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings ), the Witcher 3: wild Hunt ( The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ). Fool’s Theory is closely working on a game with IMGN.PRO ( ! ), who is also his publisher.

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the action of the production takes place on the territory of the Empire Vetrall – powers which arose on the ruins of an ancient civilization, which is about 1000 years earlier met the disaster in which people have retreated in the development of technologies to the level of the middle ages. The players Teriela – specialized thief, receiving different orders. One of them led him to being the criminal colony of the island of Peh, where it begins a sequence of events in which we will participate.
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SEVEN: The Days Long Gone Mega the PC Windows is postapokaliptyczny in the genre of action-RPG, which is displayed in an isometric projection . Unlike other production of this type, the Russian title may at first an interesting world, obviously stylized in the middle ages, but also contains elements of advanced technology – the remains of the former civilization. The hero is also not your typical superhero, as during the adventure, all the while he is accompanied by the demon Artanak sitting in his head. Thanks to him, the main character has unique abilities , including camouflage feelings creature in it. Allows him, for example, on knowledge of the field of view of the guards patrolling the area.
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in addition, all Teriel is a thief, so in SEVEN: The Days Long Gone Torrent are not character classes as we develop only in one direction . This affects, of course, the gameplay itself, which largely resembles skradankę. Our character we are moving, for example, on the rooftops, quietly przemykamy between wartownikami and locker room for enemies, and if necessary, take them by surprise. The game is not easy, because the world and the characters inhabiting it is affected by the variable weather and the cycle of day and night. This means that, for example, after the rain puddles, and the entrance will not cause noise, which may draw on us the enemy’s attention.
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Another detail that gives the SEVEN competitors are open, multi-level and the environment react to our actions . The developers have given players the necessary skills and allow their arbitrary use. The levels are divided into zones, between which you can move freely if we have the visa (it can be stolen or get during the mission). If we do, we must reckon with the many disadvantages, including the need to avoid the guards. In addition, you can combine various other ways, for example, zwabiając mistakes haunt us enemies in the crowd of residents, which can irritate the guards, opening fire in their immediate surroundings. All of this means that some tasks can be approached in different ways.

from the point of view of performance, SEVEN: The Days Long Gone Torrent the PC Windows attracts attention, first of all, a project of the world. The game is based on Unreal Engine 4 technology, which is used in projects such as Adr1ft , Ark: Survival Evolved or Final Fantasy VII Remake .

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