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Banshee is designed in the style of cyberpunk, tactical shooting ” top-down inspired by classics of the genre, like the legendary series Baldur’s gate and the independent smash hit Hotline Miami . Products released on the PC platform with Windows, and its creation is responsible for more information please contact the Warsaw studio Reikon Games based on experienced developers who have a working relationship, in particular, on games like Dead Island Riptide , Dying Light or the Witcher Saga .

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game Ruiner Torrent game set in the year 2091, in the streets of the fictional town Rengkok, which is dominated by powerful leads with a company called Heaven. Thanks to the opportunities offered by the virtual reality that the more affluent, customers can experience the true Paradise, sponsoring virtually any form of virtual entertainment and sensations. At the same time ordinary citizens must deal with this hell on earth, as it would determine the life on the streets nękanej corruption and damage of metropolis. During the game you play as a hero who decides to find and save her brother , having the misfortune to know too much about the things that people stronger than him wanted to hide. Mission dominant character, in which he helps a mysterious hakerka, turns into a real crusade against the system and governments chciwej corporations.
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Production studios Reikon Game combines an interesting plot with dynamic and ociekającą action gameplay mechanics. For the rather rare fragments, in which we are waiting for the peaceful exploration and discovery of another mystery, intrigue, the gameplay is focused primarily on the fight against waves of various enemies, and also a lot more demanding bosses . During the battle we use quite a large Arsenal of gadgets and weapons collected, particularly from the bodies of slain enemies. There was no shortage also to drop gradually special skills such as evasion or energy shield. Battles in the game are in a very dynamic pace and success requires not only appropriate equipment, but, above all, a good reaction and skills of the player.
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in technical terms, released on the PC platform Windows Ruiner Crack is a collision of several ideas that combines the bleak world of the future, brutal gameplay mechanics and colorful, attractive visual binding graphics , created on the Unreal Engine 4. The game is displayed in the classic isometric view, reminiscent of the aforesaid Syndicate or series Crusader: No Remorse/No Regret . At the same time we are dealing with a modern, slightly cartoonish graphics and a huge number of visual effects.
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