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RICO Crack is released on the PC platform of Windows, first-person shooter in the climates of the police. The game was developed by British Studio Ground Break, with the score in particular is full of Skyscrappers .

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RICO Torrent, you play as a policeman, which is part of the special unit for combating organized crime. Pattern movie cops, our hero has no problems with the change of the law in pursuit of justice. This flexibility is very useful, as it will be forced to solve the problems of the powerful cartel in the space of 24 hours.
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Issued on the PC platform for Windows-RICO 3DM is a first-person shooter in which all the maps are procedurally generated, so every time we are waiting for new challenges. Despite the fact that we are sending a COP in the game there can be no question of an arrest. The player takes the law into his own hands and becomes discovered by criminals as judge and executioner.
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the Important role played by the mechanics of the “cleansing” of enclosed spaces. When we walk in the door, time for some time slows down, allowing us to go inside, quickly assess the situation and start eliminating enemies.
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Together with the progress in the game your opens not only new weapons and skills, but also the locations and mission types used for procedural generation of maps.

the Game allows you to play solo or in a kooperacyjnym for two people, available as through a network or on a split screen. Players can also compete for points and the network ratings, and the authors regularly provide new opportunities.

the Authors-RICO Mega made rarely seen in FPS-Oh cartoon style, using the technique of goal-shadingu.

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