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Project is original, shooter first shooter PC platform Windows, which is set entirely inside the human body . The title of the debut project independent Studio Atomic Jelly of poznań, Association of developers with a wide range of experiences: from demosceny, through the independent production, to wysokobudżetowe AAA titles. The publisher of the game, and the company PlayWay S. A.

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Action game Project Tool set in fully inside the human body, where, during a routine medical procedure was found to have severe health problems that can even lead to death of the patient. Instead of the usual surgical instruments, for the salvation of the body it was decided to use medical nanobots. In the game you play the role of one of these nanobotów called Nano+, whose task is the restoration of health, the six core agencies by eliminating there are germs and infections . Fun however, we are not alone – we can count on the help of other nanobotów, including veteran called SuperVisette.
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from the point of view of mechanics, the production Studio Atomic Jelly combines elements of adventure games and classic shooting FPP. During the game eksplorujemy a number of very surrealnie beautiful places such as the circulatory system, the neural connections or specific organs of the human body. Our aim is to find and neutralize a variety of pathogens, mutated cells and damaged nanobotów that are for the body less dangerous . We had commissioned only two weapons: guns, energy and the spray on medication, but during the game we can develop and enrich a number of new features. Extremely useful during the development of the gadget is also a special rope with a hook, which allows us to move faster and get a lot of seemingly inaccessible places. All this a variety of simple crafting system, allowing fun in the process we can produce a variety of improvements for our nanobota.
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Released on the PC platform Windows Project Tool is of high quality graphic design, created on the advanced Unreal Engine 4. Because of the specific production run of our provisions, however, are far from realism, but most of the time we are accompanied by a very unusual scenery, reflecting the appearance of individual organs and systems of the human body.
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