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Project CARS 2 3DM for PC is the sequel to the acclaimed racing game in 2015. For production again corresponds Studio Slightly Mad, known, in particular, with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed . The production was funded in part by the platform World of Mass Development – the same as the first part. In this regard, when the title was also attended by the players themselves, conveys their advice. Background of the gameplay has not changed. Thus, this product which is a realistic approach to driving a car, although the developers provide different options to adjust the level of difficulty of opponents, and you can enable or disable accessibility features, including at least the optimal driving line shown on the track.

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In contrast to the first part of the Project CARS , players have a lot more site directory. In total there are about 50, which resulted in more than 200 routes on which to race a variety of vehicles. At this time, the property owners given, for more than 200 cars designated for 40 categories, including several completely new (for example, cars, cars).
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Driving is carried out in different modes-single player and multiplayer. The basic version is the single player campaign you can play in the framework of co-opa. Another man is then, for example, the remote control, or another driver on the team. The production offers, in addition, fighting multiplayer. Being connected to the network, you can expect not only to traditional fights with other people but also to situations in which players from around the world take control of the drivers SI, with whom we are chasing in single player. In addition, it lacked a variety of problems, leaders, etc.
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Fans dłubania with cars will appreciate the many options that allow you to adjust the machine and then test it on the track prepared by himself.
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