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One Life Crack-it’s released on the PC platform Windows postapokaliptyczna shooting FPS with survival elements , implemented in the Convention multiplayer MMO. For the appearance of the header meets the independent Russian Studio Yogurt!, who decided to revolutionize the gaming market. All nietypowość their production is because that it offers the player given only one life, and its loss means the absolute end of the game without the possibility of re-starting the game.

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the Mechanics of the game in One Life Crack, it would seem, is not significantly different from other survivalowych MMO games. Together with other players we find ourselves in a vast postapokaliptycznego world filled with many risks and hazards, for example, through a computer controlled AI mutants with different abilities. Our goal here, first and foremost, survival, and the path to this goal leads through a balanced strategy game search of food and water, and the use of systems of crafts to create any necessary objects. On the world we are moving mainly by a special truck which serves as our mobile base in the course of fun can be (alone or together with friends), develops and expands new decor and equipment.
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what distinguishes the game compared to other production of this type is a unique system of permanent death. In the case of One Life Telecharger Complet does not, however, want to create a new character and start the whole game from the beginning. If we die, our familiarity with the game finally ends , because Their Life just won’t let us start again.
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the Introduction of the above, truly hardcorowego element only in appearance, however, looks as bad as it may seem. In the game, because not so easy to die, and our death is never accidental and depends largely on our conscious choice. In case of defeat in confrontation with another player, our fate lies entirely in his hands . The winner may we be forgiven or just to kill us, however, much more use could bring him robbing us from your inventory and resources, or zaprzęgnięcie slave labor. With this solution, the player is unparalleled so far in the games network influence on the fate of other players, and the fear of permanent loss of life led to an extremely thoughtful planning each of our actions, and psychologically difficult situations in which we are able to do almost anything not to accidentally bid farewell to life.
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One Life 3DM for Windows PC is a game designed for MP, but for the players to spell a book of remembrance about those who fear the final and irreversible death at the hands of other participants of fun booked also the possibility of playing alone. Given the specifics of the game, better play-tested with friends, where I don’t have to worry that someone will decide, however, forever to take our life.

Presented by developers from the Studio the Yogurt! the decision before the official release of One Life Crack caused a flurry of comments, requests and suggestions from the players – excited with unusual model of gameplay, but obawiających numerous fraud and abuses by unscrupulous participants in the fun. To prevent this, the developers left themselves the ability to restore a character to play in exceptional cases when , for example, her death was caused by the so-called cheatera, or nieprzewidzianą equipment failure or power.

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