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Hyakki the Lock released on the PC platform Windows oldskulowa game RPG type dungeon crawler. This is the debut project of the Japanese Studio Asakusa.

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the game was planted in the EIGHTEENTH century in Japan, where the historical realities were decorated with fantastic elements derived from the local myths and beliefs.
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Hyakki the Eponymous castle is a fortress located on a secret island where exiled during the most dangerous enemies siogunatu. Among them was a witch named Doman Kigata. Under mysterious circumstances he takes on and sends power to Edo, that is the center of power sioguna, mutilated heads of the three guards of the castle. Such an insult could not go unanswered, so will be created a group of four warriors who get the task to kill Kigaty.
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Issued on a Windows PC Hyakki the Castle game type RPG dungeon crawler made based on performances from the late 80-ies. and the first half of 90-ies. of the last century. We therefore co-op mode for four players a team of heroes and get a first person view, spasmodic motion system and the ability to rotate only 90 degrees. Manufacturing uses thus, from the classical solutions to the genre, but delivers them in a modern formula with three-dimensional graphics and convenient interface.
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the formation of the team members, we have as a human samurai or ninjas, and fantastic creatures from Japanese folklore, such as they are, or tengu nekomata. Combat takes place in real time, and each type of character has unique special abilities that we can develop together with statistics for the earned experience points.

Realities are not the only element that distinguishes Hyakki Lock compared to other dungeon crawlers . The game allows for you to split the team into two groups. We decide whether it’s double teams, and the team Ian, we have just one character. The screen will be divided, which allows us to constantly monitor the actions of both groups. This setting we use during the fights and solve the different puzzles.

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