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Heliborne 3DM is designed for multiplayer game of the new generation game that combines elements of popular network zręcznościowego shootings and helicopter simulator . Released on Windows PCs, the game is the debut Studio JetCat Games. Its production was financed, largely thanks to the support of the company, Workshops, Seed Capital KAB, współfinansowanej through the European Regional Development Fund.

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gameplay Mechanics in the game Heliborne Download draws from the achievements of popular multiplayer skirmishes like World of Tanks or World of Warplanes, with the only difference that this time the players sit in the cockpits of the titular helicopter. It offers players gave a wide range of dozens of models of helicopters from various countries and a period covering the last several decades of the last century . All the details reflected in the basis of their prototypes, and the management, and also technical parameters are given in a simplified manner.
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the Game boils down to team rivalry max 16 players on the maps that reproduce the main arenas of contemporary armed conflicts, such as Vietnam, Kosovo or Afghanistan. The gameplay puts to skillful use of the features of the three available classes of helicopters – assault, assault and reconnaissance. Fast machine identification located the weak points of the enemy, attack helicopters kill the shields and eventually the action includes the transportation, occupying the territory.
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Each helicopter encountered in the game has multiple weapons, so we can adapt the equipment to the current situation at the front.
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Heliborne Telecharger Complet allows gameplay in two modes Skirmish and probably the main attraction of the game – Frontline . The first of them reminiscent of the Conquest of the famous series Battlefield : players battle each other and is present in the map area, to reduce the number of points of the opposite side to zero. The real fun begins, however, in the Frontline, consisting in the adoption of neutral interconnected sectors in an optimal sequence, which ultimately leads to wdarciem in the field under enemy control. The winner is the party that will assume control over at least one corridor, ending at the base of the enemy. This mode also introduces ground troops, AI, tanks and vehicles of defense are transferred between the modules of the provisions and strengthen them .

Released on the PC platform Windows Heliborne Torrent a good level of visual lamps. The use of the Unity 5 engine allowed skillfully balancing the quality of three-dimensional graphics of the cars and the environment and the smoothness of the gameplay, so essential from the point of view of competition in the network.

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