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Gothic 3DM is the first game in the company Piranha Bytes, created in 1997, five former members of the Studio Greenwood Entertainment . Work on it began, however, a year earlier. The project is based entirely on original technological solutions, including the graphics engine ZenGin.

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the game takes players into a fantastic Myrtany Kingdom, ruled by king Rhobar II. Incarnated in the image of Bezimienngo they get in a colony on the island of Khorinis. It is surrounded by magic, przenikalna only from the outside barrier, which was created by Archmages. Unfortunately, while casting spells, there was something unexpected. The radius of the spell was greater than expected and the barrier surrounded the entire Mountain Valley, więżąc also mages.
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the Main character is one of the convicts poured in a colony-settlement. However, it soon turns out that this is no ordinary prisoner, and the messenger of Allah Innosa, which is to defeat the evil lurking inside the magical dome…
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the Story of Gothic 3DM, though linear, differs in scope and dynamic of stock returns. The game world is not too extensive, but includes quite a variety of locations, both Old and New Camp, Sect Camp, a Camp of Bandits, a few mines, and even the Orc village. In the course of his adventures Nameless can face more than 200 characters to join more than a dozen guilds (e.g., the diggers are to make, Shadow, Szkodnicy, the temple Guards, Mercenaries), each of which is guided by a few other motives of action. On his way to becoming several dozen types of monsters – from beetles and ścierwojadów through skeletons and demons ending.
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As befits the title, connecting the elements of action and role-play, an important role in Gothic Megau is struggle. Arsenal of weapons, armor and artifacts (amulets and medallions) are the disputes, although access to some items is strictly limited (they can only do yourself, or score, defeating the enemy). Depending on the preference of the player, a Nameless can wield swords, one and dwuręcznymi, axes, maces, hammers, kuszami or arches.

the game uses a simple system of odds and skills. Character the main character is described through the attributes: strength, dexterity, and maximum health and mana. After rising to the next level of experience, Ring gets 10 points, the player can spend on improving performance, or learning new skills. It’s like the knowledge of the military (gun ownership one-and two-handed) and magical, but also useful in everyday life (for example, opening locks, sneaking, skórowanie animals). Study and improvement of existing skills is possible only after you have found the right tutor.

the Game stands level lamps audio-visual. The graphics engine generates ZenGin, and this is reflected in the details, quality (for the time) image. The climate adds to the changing cycles of day and night lighting. Animation of characters, the main character, which players see from the perspective of a third person, look smoothly and naturally.

the Company CD projekt has taken care of the full Polish language version of the game. Mr. ” anonymous voiced by Jacek Mikołajczak. In other roles starring: Thomas Marzecki, Adam Baumann, Peter Bittern, Paul Iwanicki, Paul Szczesny, Przemyslaw Nickel, Jaroslaw Domin, Agata Gawrońska-Bauman, Jacek kopcinski, Grigory Novitsky, Ivan Obertyn, Andrew Tomecki, Robert Tondera, Janusz Wituch, Miroslav Zbrojewicz and Gleb Sołtysiak.

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