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After fighting for survival in a mining colony ( Gothic ), after the battle with the orcs throughout the island of Khorinis ( Gothic II ), after discovering that Khorinis is hiding much more, much older, than orcs danger ( Gothic II: night of the Raven ), came the turn to the third part of Gothika, which offers us a piece of the continent. The world presented in Gothiku III consists of three major lands: the desert Varrantu, fettered with ice Nordmaru and decorated in European medieval climate Myrthany. This is an area approximately four times more the even on the Night of the Raven .

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Fight the orcs, which began in the second part of the game, came to an end – people lost it with a blue flame. All cities Myrthany was under the control units of orcs, humans were slaves or swore on the infamous work for the occupier, while king Rhobar loyal to him and a handful of paladins took refuge in the capital – Vengardzie – under cover of magical barrier. The same as it was a prison of the player in the first part. Player – along with the attendant are always in the adventure mates: Lee, Interview, Gornem, Miltenem and Diego – washed ashore Myrthany to places to engage in combat with the orcs. His actions, however, is not limited. Can fight for the liberation of Myrthany at the side surface in the woods the Cavaliers, could be the orcs, and working for them to strengthen their victory, can also associate with living in the desert assassynami.
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in the Same way as in the previous pictures of the game, the player can create their own character, but its growth has been greatly expanded. Much lightweight was relative to its predecessor, sword fighting, losing most of services that previously possible. On the other hand, the player can now learn to fight with two swords. In addition to training in the melee player can develop your character in the direction of archery or magic.
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This latter is in Gothiku 3 something different. Magic runiczna, which is still the player haven’t used, was destroyed by a necromancer Xardasa and currently spells based on the ancient knowledge that the player is able to gradually assimilate, although this amounts to using the standard set of spells, from fireballs, from the rain of fire and ending.
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Big, however, the advantage of the third part of Gothika, it seems that the complex structure of the world, 20 cities and towns, the largest of which resemble the capital of Khorinis. A very rich visual world goes hand in hand with a wealth of flora and fauna, with the circadian rhythm, which governs all life. The player will have 600 missions and a lot of work isn’t always obvious variants, among which freedom of action is not facilitated. You can master the skills Kowalski, alchemy and cooking. The biggest disadvantage is a very poor technical level of the game, which was marked by a series of patches published immediately after the premiere.

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