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FIFA 18 3DM is the new series of FIFA , that is one of the most popular brands among sports games. This time football fans have waited a number of minor and major changes, including a completely rebuilt transmission system. In the game there was also a continuation of the campaign role-playing, and the improvement has changed the technology responsible for the appearance and behavior of the players. All the news are versions for personal computers. Edit this is not inferior to that with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and in addition, greatly exceeds what we see on other devices .

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Version of PC-Tova was released in three editions. Besides the standard there are Edit Icons , large gold Premium packs, FIFA Ultimate Team, which costs 120 rubles, and also multiple players available for rental in the FUT. In addition, sold the Edit Ronaldo, containing the same, but in smaller amounts (of gold packs cost 60 pounds, and no Ronaldo Nazario hair).
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For the production of the game FIFA 18 Torrent PC team EA Canada, which was helped by the Bucharest branch of EA.
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FIFA 18 Mega introduced a number of changes in relation to what we faced in FIFA 17 . The biggest news is the technology is Real Players Motion. This system is responsible for the animation of the players, in which he collaborated, in particular, Cristiano Ronaldo from real Madrid. This solution makes topowi players look, move and behave almost as in reality. However, not only the most famous players won because the RPM taking into account various factors, including, for example, the growth of the athletes or their attributes, thereby also affecting the game of other players. For example, a big, strong defender almost always wins starting with a weak player, though he has a chance of getting out of a scrape, if he is well trained technically. Interestingly, in this case a cool and creative players, such as Lionel Messi, much better dribble the ball, keep it close to each other and easier to perform tricks than less talented colleagues.
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of course, the Game offers a number of licensed leagues and players. Not done it also the Polish national team and home of the Premier League. If we are talking about available forms of fun, and there has been a lot of changes. It is known from the previous part of career role-playing game “Road to glory” waited for the continuation, called “the Road to fame: return of the hunter” . We find in it the further destiny of a promising player from the Premier League – Alex hunter. This time, the campaign takes us to different corners of the world, allows you to find the best players like Cristiano Ronaldo, and, in addition, the choices made on the field and beyond have an impact on the adventure.

a Standard career in which we hold one of the clubs, also received improvements associated primarily with the transmission system . In the menu a new window is used to monitor interesting players. With it we begin the negotiations – first with the club, and then with the player or his agent. In both cases, we can do it by yourself, using the wheel, making decisions or asking for the help of our assistant. During a call, set the trade amount and possible bonuses for the club. And when you begin negotiations with the player, we should remember not only about basic pay, but rewards, for example, goals scored and so on. All of the following: artificial intelligence, dynamically responsive to our suggestions and trying to play as much as possible for their customers. Career wait also games przerywnikowych, showing at least the completion of the transfer or awarding of the player of the month.

Another Icon change in the mode of FIFA Ultimate Team (only on XOne, PS4, Switch and PC) . This is a unique cards with legendary players like, for example Pelem, Thierrym Henry Lee Ronaldinho. They meet in three versions, from different periods of the career of the players. Differ from other statistics, for example, Pele in 1958, reports worse than that since 1970.

FIFA 18 Torrent platform PC Windows has a full Polish language version . For the comment once again meets the Duo Dariusz Szpakowski and Gleb Laskowski, fixed additional issues compared to editing.

the Face of the game FIFA 18 3DM was a famous football player of real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo. The athlete appeared on the cover and collaborated with developers in the production process. A few days before release, the game reached version trial intended for subscribers EA Access (Xbox One), and Access Origin (PC).

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