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Farming Simulator 17 Telecharger Complet on a Windows PC is another game in the series Farming Simulator . The production once again lets you play a farmer who must manage his farm. For this, you first need to purchase the tools and machines that we use for planting, seeding, harvesting and transportation. In contrast to previous views of the cycle, the production debuted simultaneously on consoles and personal computers. For the title, as usual, team GIANTS Software, for many years developing later cycle of Farming Simulator . A party engaged in publishing the French company Focus Home Interactive, the players know such names as.: City of the Damned , Blood Bowl II , Styx: Master of Shadows or Sherlock Holmes: Crime and punishment .

Farming Simulator 17 Download

Farming Simulator 17 Download Game + Crack

Farming Simulator 17 Download Game + Crack

Farming Simulator 17 Download Crack Only

Farming Simulator 17 Download Crack Only

the Same as in previous years, this year’s release brings a number of new enhancements to service virtual farm. In the fields there were four new crops – sunflower, soybeans, radishes and poplar . In addition, for the most basic operations such as moving wood, we can use your own hands instead of specialized equipment, and for processing the wood we use also the saw spalinową. Many new products have appeared in a virtual car Park. Developers offer us a few hundred machines from 75 fully licensed manufacturers, including both brand before, currently in the game (for example: New Holland and Ponsse), and brand new (if Lely Massey Ferguson). Vehicle, we can improve from the point of view of appearance and technical capabilities, and in the salons the opportunity to rent equipment. Large loads we carried, in turn, with use of freight trains that appear in the series for the first time.
Farming Simulator 17 download
In the game not without a few minor innovations that significantly affect the course of the game. The manufacturer tried to impose new, more complex systems of soil fertilization and productivity of cows depends on the type of feed. The player also has a great influence on the formation of the economic situation on the map, almost determinując prices for individual goods. In turn, additional opportunities are jobs contracted other farmers, controlled by artificial intelligence.
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Game on the PC platform, Windows uses the same graphics engine as the previous games in the series – the developers have tried, but a number of visual changes , especially in terms of lighting and appearance of machines. Gameplay takes place on maps of the known Farming Simulator 15 for a set of joined area called Sosnovka, which has already appeared in the gold edition of the previous part Farming Simulator. The developers have also added a new map, in the hall on the Pacific coast.
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for the first time in the history of the series owners edition for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 have access to thousands of mods, created by fans of Farming Simulator. This allows the introduction of new graphical elements, vehicles, or maps created by players for players. The game has also a multiplayer mode that allows collaborative creation of a single farm.

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