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Fallout: New Vegas Torrent DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION

Fallout: New Vegas Telecharger Complet is another, after Fallout 3 , the sequel to the popular postapokaliptycznego series, which began in 1997. The work was developed by the Studio Obsidian Entertainment, responsible former members of Black Isle Studios, the producer of the first two hits of the brand Fallout .

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Fallout: New Vegas Download Game + Crack

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Fallout: New Vegas Download Crack Only

Production is concentrated on the appearance of a conflict of three factions: New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion and residents of new Vegas. The player assumes the role of courier/traveler (his stats are creating in the test psychoanalytic), which saves from death our friend the robot. The game is back, of course, the Pip-Boy, which we received from the owner of the car.
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the Gameplay in Fallout: New Vegas 3DM is an accurate reflection of the mechanics shown in Fallout 3 . We control here, therefore, a constantly evolving character, and the action we are seeing from the screen of TPP or FPP (depending on personal preferences). Returns also the combat system called V. A. T. S., allowing, in particular, to stop the time and pointing at certain body parts of the enemy (depending on the number of action points).
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It offers players gave a lot of new perków and opportunities (some of them applies to at least fight in melee). Among the innovations were also available earlier weapons, such as rifle resembles the M4 or a machine gun. Weapons can be modified to improve its properties (e.g. to increase capacity or add rifle hunting scope optic). Our actions during the game affect not only karma, but the popularity in the eyes of the individual parties to the conflict.
Fallout: New Vegas torrent
the Developers at Obsidian Entertainment decided to tie the dialogue system with the skills. In the negotiations, based on the abilities side, we get for example two text: for characters with a high level of skill (success) and low skill level (lesion). The placement of both options allows you to show the players that they were able to do something in this matter. Nothing will happen, besides, on the road, traveling around the world games accompanied us 2 or 3 helpers.

the game could not be more news. The first of these is the system of creating and modifying objects. Special players can produce bullets, to cook and to create potions and chemical properties. Another interesting feature is the “hardcore” mode, which greatly complicates the game. The creators of the production podrasowali also, incidentally, the system of issuing orders to companions.

the graphics were created based on the modified graphics engine originally from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion , also used in Fallout 3 . With its help, the authors were able to develop a detailed world, with well wymodelowanymi areas that are open and attractive to visitors the interiors of various structures.

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