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Fallout 4 Torrent for PC is the fourth full installment of the iconic cycle of post-apocalyptic RPG games, held in 1997, the Studio Black Isle and Interplay . After the closure of the Studio is the original developer and a cool reception spent on PlayStation 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel , right to the brand was acquired by Bethesda and that’s what its internal Studio responsible for both the third and fourth part of the series. Studio was previously known mainly from The Elder Scrolls series , where the most popular game, Skyrim , was released in 2011 on PC-tach, as well as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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the name of the version for personal computers offers several improvements relative to the console versions. The game provides the opportunity to play, by the way, 60 frames per second and a resolution above Full HD. On the PlayStation 4 and Fallout 4 3DM Xboksie One works, but “only” 30 frames and 1080p .
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Another important thing, the modifications in the PC version-corner extends to virtually the same principles as Skyrim . In short, players are given almost complete freedom in the creation of modifications.
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the Plot of Fallout 4 Torrent starts in the suburbs of Boston, for a few moments before tragic consequences of the nuclear explosion . During the short introduction we learn about the family of the hero and create our character (man or woman), making changes in appearance, and give skill points. Some time afterwards, mentioned the explosion, after which our hero gets to przeciwatomowego asylum No. 111. The action proper starts 200 years later, when the controlled character out of the asylum to the surface and begins a fight for survival in the harsh post-apocalyptic environment. Our main goal is to find the rest of the family.
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depending on individual preferences, the action in Fallout 4 Download in versions for PC Windows, we see from the point of view of the main or trzecio people, and gameplay mechanics to a large extent based on solutions known to players of Fallout 3 . Back in the game, in particular, such characteristic elements of the series, as a system of attributes S. P. E. C. I. A. L. that the aiming system V. A. T. S. , which allows for accurate shot to put in the selected part of the body of the enemy. In manufacturing there is also a possibility przygarnięcia dog or merged with other characters in the game, we can give simple commands. The main goal set before the engineers was, however, absolute freedom, so it depends on the player where it will turn out and how his actions will affect the further development of the plot.

compared to the previous game in the series, wydatnemu rozbudowaniu succumbed to the crafting system , which allows, in particular, to dispose the elements of the environment and use them to create brand new items, and even entire buildings that serve as shelter for the hero and the other survivors. The game features a few dozen basic types of weapons, each of which we can get hundreds of unique versions. Fallout 4 Torrent is returned in an improved form, known to fans of the series of pictures called the PipBoy , where, in addition to all the control center we find, in particular, also simple games – of course, if we find on the streets of their corresponding disks.

Fallout 4 Telecharger Complet on the PC version for Windows has been localized to Russian language, with the opportunity to play the original, English version , in which the voice protagoniście enclose actor Brian Tee Delnay, known, in particular, such as Batman: Arkham Knight or Evolve . In turn, if we decide to play the woman speaker’s voice can be heard Courtney Taylor (Jack from Mass Effect series or Juhanii from the series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ).

from the point of view of the lamps Fallout 4 Torrent on the PC Windows platform based on a modified version of the author’s Bethesda’s engine, and looks better than the previous game in the series. Despite a number of changes in the mechanics and the game interface (e.g., a new chance, the system dialogue) the authors were able to some extent to preserve the unique climate of the series.

Fallout 4 Crack has lived up to the collector’s edition, which in addition to the game, special metal box, poster and manual PipBoya, was also a copy of this gadget. A feature is the fact that one of the fans ordered directly from the developer of the game, paying for it kapslami (currency in rzeczonej series). Studio positively rozpatrzyło this unusual request, and promised to put the player after its official release.

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