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For over a dozen years, the series of Europa Universalis waited loyal circle of enthusiast and at the same time, become a major genre of computer strategies. The development team of Paradox Interactive long, because more than six years was forced to wait for the fourth instalment (the third part was released in early 2007), trying to get the number of fans.

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the Figure of the previous views of the cycle in Europa Universalis IV Download, the player assumes the role of the grey Eminence, who directs the development of the selected country for centuries. This time a choice of more than 250 nationalities, inhabiting virtually the entire globe. Depending on the scenario, the duration of the historical period of the game may be even about 400 years (in the main campaign).
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the Task is so difficult that in the hands of the player is a whole range of issues related to management – beginning with the regime through foreign policy, trade, economy and social structure, and scientific studies, military service, fighting the military, the intelligence world and the colonization of new territories ending.
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Europa Universalis IV Telecharger Complet, the developers decided to enrich the well-known fans of the mechanics of the new elements. One of the significant innovations is a system of Monarch Power where the personality of the ruler affect the ability to take action (for example, the monarch of a warlike nature will quickly develop military technologies). Significant amendments have also been made in the sphere of diplomacy and trade.
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the creators of the game tried on a solid Foundation of history. In EU IV appears 4 thousand. the names of the heads of state and a whole galaxy of other characters known maps, history books. There was also an emphasis on the most important events in history, which often affect the gameplay.

the Game offers several game modes like single player and multiplayer fun via the Internet. In the fight multiplayer can participate up to 32 people. Depending on the selected options for a possible cooperation or competition.

Europa Universalis IV Crack is based on the proven, although constantly udoskonalanym engine Clausewitz Engine 2.5, which has been previously applied, in particular, in games, Victoria II, Crusader Kings II . Compared with the previous part of the cycle, many efforts have been aimed at improving visual. Three-dimensional map of the world in the game is made subject to the mileage of the boundaries of historical provinces, as well as with the application of appropriate sculptures, terrain and dynamic representation of the changing of the seasons.

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