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For more than twenty years of activity the Studio Piranha Bytes wyspecjalizowało in the creation of complex ROLE-playing games . His debut project was bestsellerowy Gothic , which gave rise to a series of popular around the world. After losing the rights to the brand, another company of the group, was warmly received Risen moderately , which is also integrated in a fantastic universe. Despite the fact that at the same time, the team has regained the right to worship is already Gothica , did not dare to create extensions, which for many years was demanded by the fans. Instead, another piece of the company that is posted here Elex 3DM, released by THQ Nordic, to follow in the other direction, taking players on a journey to postapokaliptycznego world with elements of science fiction. Motifs taken from the adventures of the famous Nameless here, however, clearly seen as on the field of game mechanics and design layer the role.

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the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where co-exist next to each other, advanced technology and magic . Elex Telecharger Complet takes players to the planet Magalan, which many years ago was hit by a meteor. The disaster has led to the destruction flourished there civilization on its ashes, a new world populated by the descendants of the few survivors. Together with a meteorite on Magalan arrived, however, something else – a mysterious item, the name elex. It is used for production of weapons and use magical abilities, but its use also brings a side effect – its speakers gradually lose human feeling. Despite this, from extraction of raw materials, there are continuing fights.
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New society Magalan divided into several camps. The most powerful of them are the so-called Albowie, faction in the imperialist zapędach that due to the abuse of eleksu zatraciła humanity and is guided by its own interests. To combat Albami be three groups: striving for harmony with nature Berserkerzy, technologically advanced Seminarians and stroniący from the rest of the world, Criminals.
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Elex Telecharger Complet you play as JAX, and the adventure begins as General Albów, betrayed their relatives and left to fend for themselves . Hero happily experiencing the attack of his comrades and falls in hostile territory, deprived of all its former strength – grade, abilities and equipment. Since then, the player can control his destiny – crossing the world, completing quests, and finally sprzymierzając with Berserkerami, Klerykami or Banitami. Each of the parties to the conflict has another idea for the future and trying to implement some plans, and in exchange for help offers the player all sorts of awards: from magic, from unconventional weapons as long as after a powerful technology.
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It offers players the developers gave large open world which you can freely explore (no loading screens). The only limitation is the level of our hero and the strength of the enemies guarding to go for some postapokaliptycznego regions of the universe. These territories are very diverse – during the game you can visit, among other things, dark swamps, deserts, snowy mountains and green forests. Of course, the transition from one such a large area and travel between locations in the long term it can be tedious, so the developers introduced a system of fast travel in the form of teleports. It is also important to use a jet pack , which was dominant on the equipment of the hero.

In the adventure the players encounter many NPCs who have their own opinions about the world around them. Some of them you can convince him to accompany us in the journey, and any time we can wander around with only one companion. Of course, as in the game series Gothic and Risen , an important element Elex Cracka struggle, is implemented so przywodzący a bit on the idea of a series of Dark Souls . The protagonist needs to fight with multiple opponents, among which are incurred as a result of mutations, monsters, powerful war machines , rogues, and warriors of the hostile factions. In the inventory of the hero is dominant, as edged weapons, and firearms, and, among other things, swords, laser guns or extra toys for fights middle. Not without a variety of armor and armor.

a Layer of visual released for the PC Windows game is at a decent level. Visited during the game, the locations look nice, especially on computers equipped in strong nodes. This merit is known from the previous project Piranha Bytes graphics engine, which needs Elex Mega was streamlined. Manufacturing, traditionally, does not include multiplayer.

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