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Dying Light Torrent is an action game with open world, designed in climates survival horror. The title developed by Polish Studio Techland. This is a peculiar mix of Dead Island , the production by the same team, and Mirror’s Edge from the creators of the Battlefield series . The game was presented in the first person.

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you play as a man named Kyle crane, hitting the town of Harran, wzorowanego in Rio de Janeiro, full of typical favela. The population of the metropolis was infected with a mysterious virus that instantly changed everyone into zombies. The creators of the game used here is close, known from the movie I am Legend with will Smith in the lead role – during the day zombies they are little active, and at night aktiviziruyutsya them more dangerous mutations. In this regard, the gameplay is divided into two parts – when clearly, freely eksplorujemy the environment, we are looking for raw materials and weapons, and when night comes, we desperately defend ourselves against aggressive Horde.
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In Dying Light Crack we’re fighting mutant people, primarily with bladed weapons and obuchowej, rarely – firearms. The title offers diverse weapons, from axes and rebelled, halberds, and młotach and extension rods, ideal ending. A large emphasis was placed also on an extensive system of equipment, so we can combine seemingly unusable things with the chosen weapon, thus achieving a damage bonus. Together with advances in the story mode gradually we gain experience, and great opportunities for character development will allow you to customize skills so that they match our style of play.
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a characteristic Feature of the title is the movement system inspired by the creation Studio EA DICE – Mirror’s Edge . The hero can jump from building to building with grace and agility worthy of the best parkourowca. Applied by the creators of the solution creates new opportunities, and consequently, we can explore virtually every corner of the city, no matter how inaccessible will give us a path to the goal. In turn, the dynamic cycle of day and night makes the gameplay is not only bloody and merciless slaughter of mutants. In Dying Light Download it is sometimes better to run away from more enemies, than to stand with them face to face, especially at night when the game environment changes beyond recognition.
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paired with openness goes also the dynamics of the world presented in the game sometimes you can find random events, and it depends on us what we want to help someone, or maybe we miss a possible threat. The authors have provided a lot of side quests, which are a good stepping stone from the topic of the film.

Dying Light Telecharger Complet operates on the sixth generation of the Chrome Engine, engine, generating graphics at a high level, together with the possibility of additional settings associated with libraries DirectX 11. Used engine can display a large, diverse area with visible distance of objects and a large number of characters simultaneously. There was also physics and animation, so the melee is very realistic, and the movements of the characters while jumping on the roofs of fluid.

the Game Techlandu allows you to play campaign, which is a role-playing solo, as the figure Dead Island – together with friends, for a family of four cooperation via the Internet.

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