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Dungeon 3 released on the PC platform Windows strategy game in the style of fantasy. The title developed by Realmforge, that is the same team that has produced all the previous viewings of the series .

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the Game continues the themes of previous parts. Again, you can play Lord of the underworld. After the unification of the forces of evil and the establishment of the Foundation of a new Empire of darkness, he recognizes that his ambition was not yet fully satisfied. So decides to recruit kapłankę dark elf named Thalya that it withdrew his army during the conquest of the surface.
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Issued on the PC platform for Windows Dungeon 3 is a hybrid of economic and military strategy RTS. The game restores all three factions from the previous hits, that is, the Horde, Undead and Demons, but this time we can use the units and technologies for each of them at the same time. So, we need to decide what we prefer the flexibility that offers investments in each of these groups, or can be, put on the specialization, focusing on one or two of them.
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in accordance with the traditions of the series, the gameplay in ” Dungeon 3 was divided into two spheres. The basis is the economic strategy traktująca about expanding underground Empire. Players must collect resources, build new sections of the dungeon, recruit monsters, and invest in technology development. In comparison with the previous parts appeared twenty new types of premises.
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at the same time, this economic game accompany elements of a classic military RTS-a , in which we take command of the armies fighting on the surface with the forces of good.

All of the above features are available in the campaign storyline, consisting of twenty missions. Also have not forgotten about the possibility of casual gameplay without any possibilities with the mountain of tasks. Also available in multiplayer for up to four players competition mode, and two in the case of societies. This last option appears for the first time in the history of the cycle.

interestingly, this time maps for the multiplayer modes and skirmish are generated randomly , which is another first for this series.

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