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Destiny 2 3DM is a direct sequel to the shooting FPP with MMO elements , developed by Studio Bungie Software, with the support from the team of Vicarious Visions, known until now primarily because of some of the games from the Guitar Hero series , brand Skylanders and Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane . Like its predecessor, the production was released by Activision Blizzard. In addition to the version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the developers have produced an edition intended for personal computers , has missed the platform via the first opening cycle. Publishing this differs, in particular graphic design in 4k resolution and unlocked framerate per second.

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the Action of Destiny 2 3DM for PC Windows takes place after the events opowiedzianych in the first part of the series. The last City was destroyed by an ominous Red Legion, the head of which stands Ghaul. Those who survived, besporyadka the galaxy, and our task is not only the Union of all, to the last battle with this devastating army, but also to regain lost strength. The plot plays a much greater role than it did predecessor , and themes of stories we learn, mostly during cutscenes.
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the Same as it was in the first part of the cycle, the gameplay in Destiny 2 Crack starts with the creation of the character. Right the game focuses, and on learning , completing assignments story and side missions, as well as in collaboration, in co-op missions to level up your character and get the best exotic inventory. The creators took to heart the feedback of the community around the brand, resulting in change. Among them brylują differently designed and much more of the planet, where following the example of other open world games , we will find many places in the world, hiding treasures, unique bosses and side missions.
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Players can import characters that were in combat in the original. The developers have put on a fresh start from the beginning for all players, both old and new.
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Despite the fact that in Destiny 2 3DM can be played alone, production takes wings during the game with other players. In addition to the main storyline of the game, the title offers a wide range of additional options for the game as a 6-seater raidy and 3-seater short mission ” Strike, and many modes of battles on the PvP arenas.

Destiny 2 Download on the Windows PC platform boasts sophisticated with attention to detail three-dimensional graphic design . The atmosphere of epic adventure is compounded by the specially written soundtrack.

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