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Dead Alliance Mega was released on the Windows PC first-person shooter. Developed her Studio IllFonic to account also, the game Nexuiz .

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the story begins fifty years after the outbreak of the zombie epidemic. The living dead won the war against mankind; remnants of the survivors took refuge in the city-States, managed soldiers. The tragedy has not led, however, to link our genre instead of a group of survivors fighting each other for the remains of other resources.
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Issued on a Windows PC Dead Alliance 3DM is a classic FPS. We see the action, so from the eyes of a character, and the game is reduced mainly to the fight against hordes of enemies. The game focuses on a multiplayer mode in which teams of players compete for resources and control over strategic points.
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On the maps teeming with the zombies, but the living dead is not just dangerous. Players have, for the rich opportunities to use them against opponents. For example, among the weapons we find pomegranate with pheromones attract martwiaki and your cartridges that do what they fell they join the Horde. A Templar (one of the classes) have a device that emits repeller signals that with a little effort, allows us to send bloodthirsty monsters on the other team. Effective use of the zombies plays a key role in the game and without this it is difficult to even dream about winning.
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the gameplay makes the extensive system of improving a character, where each class has its own tree development. In addition, between matches we are engaged in the development of their shelter, which provides certain facilities.

available for the PC platform Windows Dead Alliance Telecharger Complet players can compete in six different PvP modes, among which were such classics as Team Deathmatch, Capture and Hold or King of The Hill. More unusual is Attrition, with mechanics based on production of MOBA. Also available the single-player campaign, as well as the possibility of cooperative games like Horde, where players must work together to repel the increasingly powerful waves of zombies.

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