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Black Mirror 3DM is a game, an adventure game stored in the style of Gothic horror, in which stands a Studio KING Art Games – the authors of such production, as The Book of Unwritten Tales , The Dwarves and Iron Harvest . Production appeared, among other things, on the PC platform and Windows is to restart the cycle that began in 2003 The Black Mirror Telecharger Complet .

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the Action of Black Mirror Mega set in Scotland in 1926. The main character is David Gordon, who arrived in his native estate shortly after his father, for years, interested in the occult, committed suicide. Given that the last week of the life of John Gordon remain shrouded in mystery, as the circumstances in which he committed suicide , the protagonist decides to start an investigation to the explanation behind all the mysteries. In the course of the adventures of David not only learns more information about his father, who had not tied particularly close relationship, but also learns of previously unknown members of his family, over which pregnancy supposed curse. The hero must fight their own koszmarom alive, for that, as the father and other ancestors, got, finally, into madness.
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it is Worth noting that, despite the many references to previous parts of the series (of which the most obvious is the name of the protagonist and subject of the problem, which comes him to solve), their knowledge is not required to get pleasure from studying the following items in role-playing puzzle. Special mention deserves the fact that the source of inspiration for those responsible for learn more of the history was the work of Edgar Allan PoE and Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
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the Gameplay in released on Windows PC Black Mirror Crack thrives on a scheme typical for this genre. In the course of the adventure eksplorujemy, therefore, varied, began to be gloomy locations, we are negotiating with everyone who meets neutral characters , as well as popychamy forward, solving more or less complex puzzles, based primarily on the manipulation of weapons and the search for certain items, than these classic adventures fantastic power-point-and-click . An important element of the game are visions and hallucinations born of the nightmares with which the protagonist can enter into direct interaction is that they can be his main source of information about events which occurred in his own home.
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three-Dimensional graphics of Black Mirror Mega represents a high level of performance – all existed in muted tones, adding to the gloomy mood accompanying the gameplay . The title also boasts a fully udźwiękowionymi issues without the ability and specially skomponowaną, climatic music.

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