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Aven Colony Crack for PC Windows is the debut work of an independent study of Mothership Entertainment. We are dealing with a game focused on strategy type city builder , in which our task is the creation and development of extraterrestrial colonies.

Aven Colony Download

Aven Colony Download Game + Crack

Aven Colony Download Game + Crack

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Aven Colony Download Crack Only

Action Aven Colony Crack set in the distant future, when interstellar travel became a reality. The player gets to the planet Aven Prime where he must do battle not only with the standard problems related to community management, but local threats like aggressive fauna and extreme climate. The history of the globe, which is another home of mankind, we learn during a role-playing campaign single player.
Aven Colony download
Aven Colony Download on a Windows PC allows players to take direct control over represented on an alien planet colony. The fun starts from humble, naszpikowanego advanced technology base, which eventually becomes the base in true events. During the game we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna — the action takes place in different environments, from wetlands, deserts, ice fields of polar ice. The gameplay is based on several pillars. The first of these is the expansion and repopulation of new territories. At our disposal was put a number of buildings of various functions, such as residential buildings, barns, or even a design that gives the colony a permanent access of oxygen or mine raw materials. Development of technological base allows the improvement of already built structures.
Aven Colony crack
Advanced management capabilities allow community to care about the moral state of the inhabitants — their mood may be affected by several factors. The path to the satisfaction of the colonists uneven because it satisfied only those who are provided with adequate jobs, permanent medical service, food quality, or, finally, entertainment. Our actions reflect our rank — we begin, as Governor of the Colony, to eventually become President of the Expedition.
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it does Not matter for the welfare of the colonists not also remain the conditions that existed on the planet Aven Prime. We must therefore face the consequences of extreme rain, storms, and explosions of toxic gas. Oxygen-poor atmosphere, what do we have to take care of a constant flow of air to keep his subordinates alive. It is not easier, also the local fauna — the settlements are a tasty morsel for the giant sandworms, and the additional danger of even the spores of the disease, which is infested with certain provisions.

the Basis of the game is a role-playing game, the single player campaign — in addition, we will also a sandbox mode where we can focus solely on the evidence of the cosmic basis, without any additional conditions for filling.

Aven Colony Crack on a Windows PC takes place in a three-dimensional environment. High quality graphics are not different from the standards of the genre, delighting beautifully crafted environment, as well as interesting projects of the futuristic setting.

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