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Arrow Heads Torrent-that which is characterised by high paced action arcade game in which the players shoot from the bow of a humanoid bird. Discusses the title of the debut project from the Toronto study independent OddBird. Production allows for dynamic battle with up to 4 people at a time and modifies certain similarities to such classics as Bomberman . This is not surprising because, as the developers themselves admit, Arrow Heads Crack created precisely in order to give younger generations of gamers a chance to experience the joy of competing with each other not only via Internet but also in front of one screen.

Arrow Heads Download

Arrow Heads Download Game + Crack

Arrow Heads Download Game + Crack

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Arrow Heads Download Crack Only

the Main attraction of the Arrow Heads Download on the PC platform Windows-without a doubt, competition in multiplayer mode. The game can participate 2-4 people. The characters of all players are displayed on the same map that we see in isometric projection. The game is fast moving and shooting at enemies, as well as the use of interactive elements and traps placed in the game world, preventing the lives of other players. Management, seemingly simple, but to master it fully requires considerable dexterity.
Arrow Heads download
the production is also arcade mode, which allows you to play alone or in co-op against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. The Arrow Heads Torrent were also a wealth of different items to unlock, thanks to which the game becomes even more attractive – for example, new birds, bows or fancy arrows and other projectiles, such as guitar, fish, or… unicorns.
Arrow Heads crack
Although explicit pressure to the amendment, local gameplay, in a mode of rivalry and cooperation in Arrow Heads Torrent can be played via the Internet.
Arrow Heads torrent
This products are in the PC version Windows, is characterized by a simple, stylized on cartoon graphic design. Not necessarily it may be the most spectacular, but without a doubt, well conveys the atmosphere of the game. The chart you also can’t give up the transparency that is of considerable importance in the case of title, where victory or defeat may decide the fraction of a second.

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