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Arma III Laws of War Mega is the extension of the military simulator Arma III , published in 2013. The app focuses on organization humanitarian IDAP and was developed in cooperation with the International Committee of the red cross. DLC pack announced as Project Orange in March 2017. It is the first product of Bohemia Interactive studios Amsterdam.

Arma III Laws of War Download

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Arma III Laws of War Download Game + Crack

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Arma III Laws of War Download Crack Only

One of the main elements of the package, stealth and role-playing game A of War . In the game you play as Nathan MacDade specialist from the neutralization of explosive devices for the organization of humanitarian IDAP. Our main objective is the disarmament of ammunition and mines, immediately after the war, the two fictional countries: the Republic of Altis and Stratis. During his mission MacDade also agrees to interview with a researcher that is a which is a role-frame for several missions and retrospective. While the players look on the above conflict from different points of view and in multiple periods, and find out what really happened in the town of Oreokastro.
Arma III Laws of War download
Expansion of offering players a completely new faction: International Development & Aid Project (IDAP). Is a non-governmental organization dealing with unexpected crises and standing on guard for human rights in armed conflicts. In addition to the unusual costumes and special protective equipment operators IDAP equipped with a new vehicle and some gadgets.
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the Main means of transport of the organization of a specialized van, the equipment can be selected depending on the parameters of the problem. To taste it can be adjusted. m. in particular for the transportation of humanitarian relief supplies, the transportation of citizens, rendering of medical care or work saperskich. In these last also the help of the special drone, built as a more secure alternative for manual munitions clearance. Another version of small cars adapted, and for dropping leaflets, information. In addition there is also a distribution system APERS mines.
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Expansion was released with the big update of the game, available for free to all of its owners. It introduces several additions, for example, simulated munitions, improvements in system minutes, the dropping of leaflets, several types of cluster munitions, as well as additional instruction section is almost military. Also available virtual training and open day at IDAP.

In the framework of gratitude for the fruitful cooperation, the company Bohemia Interactive decided to give hi the profits from sales of the DLC in favor of the International Committee of the red cross. Final collected amount was announced a year after the release of Supplement, on the website of the developer .

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