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ARK: Survival Evolved Mega is embedded in sandboksowy open world survival simulator, in which the main opponents players are dinosaurs. The title of the debut production Studio Wildcard-based former employee of Microsoft Game Studios Jesse Rapczaka and was created for the PC and consoles eighth generation.

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gameplay Mechanics is based on the model of the cult sandboksach MMO like DayZ with the only difference that the role of the ubiquitous zombies have taken over here, a huge prehistoric reptile. Our character falls helpless and naked in closer unknown island and her task is to survive as long as possible in this hostile environment. To survive, we have to hunt and gather resources, which then will create necessary conditions for the continued existence of weapons and various tools. The game is not without its system of character development, which while staying on the island, learns new skills, it is extremely useful for survival. Some of them even allow you to defeat the dinosaurs and then make them personal vehicles.
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As in most of this kind of production, our oasis built himself a shelter that gives us shelter from the more dangerous dinosaurs – x appears in the game are more than 70 species from small flying pterodaktyli to the real giants like diplodocusa, brontozaura or t-Rex. However, they are not only a nuisance, because the same absolute opponents can be other players, honing their teeth on our accumulated reserves. Gameplay is focused, of course, the game on the network in accordance with the rules of the genre and allows the formation of alliances and cooperation with other peace-loving players. Worth nothing, however, on the way to play offline, we should, however, be considered that with the fact that not all the dangers we will be able to resist. The maps porozmieszczane special glasses appeal spells that after the conditions are canceled by the world of the giant creature. His murder gives fantastic prizes, but to succeed, you must work in the General group.
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the Action of the game is a typical run of the first-person shooter, but what sets pecetową version ARK: Survival Evolved 3DM from numerous independent sandboksów MMO with high quality graphics obtained through improved Engine Unreal Engine 4. The production also cooperates with the camera phone virtual reality Oculus Rift, as well as the Steam workshop, allowing you to share content, prepared by the players themselves.
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