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Agents of Mayhem Mega for PC Windows is another production Studio Volition, known from the Red Faction and Saints Row . The project was released by Deep Silver (the owner of brands such as Dead Island and Metro ), which in 2013 purchased the Studio sell-off developers and IP owned by THQ.

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the Story is presented in Agents of Mayhem 3DM talks about the workers of the M. A. Y. H. E. M. (Multinational Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds), i.e., organizations uniting superagentów from around the world who have to face the super criminals with L. E. G. I. O. N. (League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Nations). They were able to master almost the entire world, so that only the group under the leadership of Persephone Brimstone can defeat the evil forces of Dr. Babylona, intending to dot an “I”, forming a powerful machine that will throw on my knees, even the agents of M. A. Y. H. E. M.
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interestingly, although this production is completely new brand, its action unfolds in the universe created for the needs of the cycle of Saints Row , so that it, in particular, the project of the world symbols or some role-playing elements.
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Agents of Mayhem Mega on a Windows PC is a third person shooter with an open world designed for the game for one player. The action takes place on the territory of Seoul in South Korea, where we fight the enemies both on the ground and on the roofs of buildings. The player has a choice of several title agents are divided into different specializations, for example, uses Fortune during the battle, two guns, energy, Hardtack uses a harpoon and checks, primarily during clashes in the middle distance, and Hollywood is a marine, fought with a rifle assault. A characteristic feature of the production is the fact that before going on a mission, we create from the available characters three team members between which we can freely switch during the execution of the task.
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of necessity, Agents of Mayhem Mega Studio Volition has developed a completely new engine, capable of generating spectacular special effects, ensuring smooth gameplay. The main advantage of production is, however, a comic book graphic style.

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