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Absolver Torrent is released on the PC platform Windows third-person action game in the style of fantasy. This is the debut production of French study Sloclap, founded by industry veterans who previously worked on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and a few odsłonami series Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon .

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the Action takes place in a room decorated in the style of the far East is the country of imagination, in the territories of the Empire of Adal. Many years ago it was a mighty nation, but its position for many years, there are more and more weakened. The game begins shortly after the power in Adal has taken on a new group known as Leadership, which wants to restore the Empire to its former glory. With this end in view established organization Absolver Telecharger Complets, that is, elite soldiers that have the task to ensure stability and peace. The player assumes the role of one of the candidates, wishing to join the order.
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published on the PC platform for Windows Absolver Telecharger Complet we are engaged in the study of the execution of tasks and, above all, struggle. Heart games is a very extensive system of skirmishes at short range. The game allows you to switch between four styles of combat, and the use of a rich Arsenal of bladed weapons or to rely on the power fists. Mechanics allows you to display several types of attacks and counter, evaporation, run Dodge and feint. We will help you to develop your own combinations , creating a special menu combinations of attacks, suitable for tactics used by us.
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From all this we do use on large three-dimensional maps with complete freedom of movement, as well as using elements of the environment. Not without the development system, in which we learn new techniques and get better and better gear.
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Absolver Crack allows solitary pleasure, because it provides a rich artistic background, and events all over the virtual world formed through the successes and failures of individual players; however, the game is aimed primarily at gameplay, multiplayer. Network a group of players can form a team and work together to explore the ruins and dungeons the country of Adal. Also available in the PvP mode , in which on special arenas are fights alone, or do we participate in team battles, three-on-three.

the Production boasts spectacular graphic design full flat solids and bright colors, which connects the style of classic fantasy with elements of Eastern. Character design and environment are quite simplistic and slightly angular, which gives them an attractive and neat appearance.

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