911 Operator Download PC Crack SKIDROW – Torrent

911 Operator Download PC Crack SKIDROW – Torrent

911 Operator

911 Operator Download Full PC [SKIDROW] GAME

911 Operator download


911 Operator crack

911 Operator System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 
Processor: 2 GHz 
Memory: 1024 MB RAM 
Graphics: 512 Mb 
Storage: 300 MB available space 
Sound Card: Neccessary

911 Operator About PC Game

Unusual independent game, which takes on the employee’s emergency services, supports the telephone line. Our job will be to receive calls from various people and helping them, giving advice, sending the appropriate units and so on.

911 Operator Download Full Game for Windows PC is the production of strategy and simulation by Warsaw studio Jutsu Games that have created, among several flash and others, Modern cellular Wizards -titles. The game has gained popularity after winning the competition India to Showcase Digital Dragons in 2016.

911 Operator torrent


The telephone line is, players take on the employee’s emergency services, supported by the 911 operator Download Game PC. Our task is primarily receive calls from the endangered or already affected people and helping them. This means that we need eg. Give advice related to first aid, select the appropriate amount of people and vehicles (trucks, helicopters and cars of police, fire and ambulance services) to send a team to the scene of the mishap etc. Moreover, sometimes endeavoring also jokers – if we can identify the perpetrator during the conversation, these you only need to discount it. The programmers took care of a number of distinct circumstances – sometimes they are sometimes additionally that frustrating, sometimes humorous and very serious. While playing we fight with them.

911 Operator reloaded

Specialized issues

Two-dimensional artwork 911 Operator Download Free comes down primarily to show maps of the city, where you are able to see all reports, units, etc. and for Windows PC is minimalist

About This Game

911 OPERATOR Crack Reloaded is a game about the difficult work of folks that handle emergency lines and services. Main job will be to answer incoming calls and to react properly – simply disregard the call, propose, dispatch correct number of fireman, police, ambulances, or occasionally give first aid directions.

911 Operator skidrow

– Over 50 different voiceovered dialogs based on true events: occasionally serious and dramatic, sometimes funny or irritating
– Real First Aid Instructions and procedures
– Alternative to download and play on ANY REAL CITY in the world!
– 10 carefully prepared cities with special occasions in campaign style.

– Over 140 kinds of created reports
– 12 types of emergency vehicles, including trucks, vans, helicopters and bikes
– Extendable by new dialogs

911 Operator Crack Skidrow is a 911 Operator Crack Download about the hard work of emergency lines dispatchers. Manage the teams of policeman, medics and fireman to many different cases. Reply emotional calls and try and help people!

We plan to put over 50 different call types in the 911 Operator Crack 3DM – sometimes serious and striking, occasionally funny or irritating. Each recorded with emotions, and most often based on true events!

Each dialog has a few flows that are different, and it’s up to you which way will you select, based on the situation. Are you going to choose to use the caller or will you let them know to wait for services to arrive? Will they come in time? Will you be able to provide right First Aid Instructions? Or perhaps you should tell the caller that it is not a case for 911?

During the conversations you will need to make difficult choices. Sometimes you may need to provide First Aid Directions that are actual. We hope you will learn some of the processes also, although this job is more difficult than you believe.

For instance, we covered heart action stop, major injures, childbirth, choking, accidents, drowning and many other medical instances!

Never know when they might be useful in real life!

But this isn’t all – other calls might be about on-going offenses, drugs coping, family abuses. We additionally covered fires and technical difficulties (like chemical hazards or people trapped in elevator). You’ll get confused why and in which scenarios individuals can call 911 🙂

We made some rocket science to give an alternative to download and play on ANY REAL CITY on the planet, thanks to OpenStreetMaps! Fight with the offense and help people near your dwelling in Free 911 Operator Crack cpy mode!

Choose any larger city like New York, London, Berlin, Moscow…. or any smaller one like Albuquerque, Kaposvár, Windhuk, Sandomierz. Your alternative, it will work, in addition to over 8000 other cities!

The gameplay itself splits in two manners – direction and responsibility.
During the duty mode your job will be to answer the calls and dispatch teams that are sufficient to the place, if you’ve got them accessible. Jointly with the calls, you also receive other reports either from other operators or your teams. Each Obligation represents a day of the operator’s work. It takes about 10 minutes to play.

911 Operator Gameplay

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Download 911 Operator  PC

911 Operator Torrent

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